Kerb Appeal – making the most of your front garden

Putting a potential purchaser in a great frame of mind when they come to visit your property is a great start to a viewing. Although it might not add to the value of your property a great front garden looks good on your property’s photographs and when prospective buyers are doing a quick drive-by. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. If your DIY skills are not up to the job then invest in a local handy-man. Start your revamp by standing on the other side of the road and take a quick photo. Then look at the picture with fresh eyes. What do you usually ignore which would put you off if you were viewing your own house?
  • Paint your front door. A safe option is a dark, gloss colour but for a more contemporary look you might go for a matt, muted colour.
  • Invest in good quality door furniture which is in keeping with the age and style of your property. Also make sure your door bell works. Your house number needs to be easily seen from the pavement and consider removing highly personalised house names.
  • Lighting your front path and front door creates a welcoming atmosphere and is a good safety feature.
  • If your front garden has a lawn, then make sure it is mown regularly and that the flower beds are weeded and the hedges neatly trimmed. Plant some colourful annuals to fill up any bare soil.
  • Paths and paved drives benefit from a pressure washer which removes algae and moss and gives dull paving a lift. If you have a gravel drive it might need a top up and a rake.
  • Keep rubbish bins out of sight if possible or build a store and paint it a dark green colour so blend in with the planting.
  • Windows should be well-maintained and cleaned regularly.
  • Even if your front garden is the size of a postage stamp some greenery will show it off to best effect and a well planted container with colourful flowering plants adds a lift.
A well-presented front garden shows buyers that you care and gives them a glimpse as to what lies within.




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