Tips for Packing up your Home

Whether you choose to use a removal company, tackle the move yourselves or do a combination of the two, this guide will give you some useful tips for making the job much easier. The most important piece of advice is not to leave everything to the day before the move. Step 1. Consider what you do not need to take with you. Give items away to a local charity or to friends and family, do a car-boot or garage sale, recycle what you can, sell more valuable items online, take rubbish to the local tip and then you can start packing with a clean slate. Step 2. Work out how many boxes you will need if you are going to pack yourself. These can be bought or gathered from supermarkets. Even if you are having a removal company pack for you it is usually a good idea to put some items together in smaller boxes or plastic bags so they are easy to find when you unpack. You will also need strong tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper and old newspapers for lining boxes and wrapping up delicate items. Don’t forget labels and marker pens. Naturally a removals service will provide all these items for you. There are also moving packs which can be bought online to suit your property size. Step 3. Separate out the following hazardous items which some removals companies may not transport:
  • Boxes of paint
  • Cleaning products containing bleach
  • Pesticides
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes
You may need to move these items yourself, so pack with care and look up with safest ways of disposing of those items you no longer need. Step 4. Pack an essentials box with all the items you are going to need on the first night. It should be the last box loaded onto the van. These might include:
  • overnight bag with change of clothes
  • tea, coffee, milk
  • snacks, canned or boxed food
  • can opener
  • eating utensils and plates
  • pans and pots
  • towels and dishcloth
  • toiletries
  • baby supplies
  • toilet paper
  • pet food
  • first aid kit and painkillers
  • tool box.
  Step 5.   Start your packing early as it always seems to take longer than expected. If you have a large number of possessions give yourself about six weeks. Begin at the top of the house and work downwards. If you have an attic then begin there. Start in the least used rooms and do one room at a time. Do not overfill boxes and spread out the weight so that each one is not too heavy to lift. Put heavy items at the bottom and top up with lighter ones. Label each box. Make sure valuable documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates, passports and driving licenses are packed carefully.   Finally, if you are considering using a removals service, ask us for recommendations and obtain quotes well in advance as you need to be sure they are free on your chosen moving day.  For further advice about moving house, talk to one of our team.




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